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I lived here for two years. I moved from NYC without seeing the place. I went on the very high yelp reviews. 1 year on the first floor and the second in the penthouse. Any issue I had Adrian, their maintenance personal was always on top of it. He is extrely friendly and does what he can to resolve any issue. The current property manager, Kim, is so very friendly and professional. She, like Adrian always goes above and beyond. I??ve read the negative reviews and I would say they have never rented an apartment before or owned a house. I have nothing but great things to say about living in the great downtown location. If it??s so great why did I move? I spend about 4 days a month in Utah so I downsized. That is it. I thank them all for all they did for me and the great times I had. ❤️

I have lived here for over a year. I find the staff very quick to respond to any problems and the outside is kept fairly clean. They accept pets so this is also a huge plus for me.

I used to live here and I can honestly say that I have no complaints. Staff was always attentive and made sure all our needs were met. Especially for a couple college students.. highly recommend.

The views from my apt on the upper floors are just amazing, especially the one on 15 floor that shared by everyone. Also everyone that lives on building seems to be really friendly so far

**Update**2/14/18**This management continues to go above and beyond for me with a recent attempt to move. The move fell through, but Hightower was still there to pick me up and continue to give me a great service and an amazing place to stay! management has been super helpful with the recent updates. 1/7/18-Two new lovely ladies have taken over and are managing and have been very informative. I??m currently looking to buy a home and Hightower has recently updated policies to allow a small deposit to leave your 1 year lease after 60 days if you find that dream home. I still enjoy the location and apartment itself, but that could be because I have a south facing unit on the upper floors at the end of the hallway. I still would recommend this place to anyone!**Update** 8/15/17 management has provided a window unit to combat the problem, it's not a looker, but my apartment is finally a cool 70 degrees. Kim, the new manager is very reasoning and willing to compromise to make things work and she is the only reason I'm updating from 1 star **Update** I have put in several complaints about my apartment being at 83 degrees plus with no resolution and multiple excuses for the problem! I will be putting in a complaint to Utah housing authority and attempting to terminate my lease with reimbursement! I'm hate that it has come to this, but we are at our 3rd summer with unacceptable conditions. ** Glad Selma is gone from this establishment. New Management is alot more precise and friendly and treat you with respect. Now for the bad, The "AC" is actually a huge swamp cooler so my apartment sits at about 82-85 with fans on and device on full blast. The parking situation can be tough if your home after 10pm, And sharing the gas bill with all tenants is communism, IMO. The Benefits are the security of the building and parking area, The onsite laundry facility that take's Debit/Credit, and the 24/7 On site fitness center. I also truly enjoy my views from the 11th floor facing south side! If rent goes any higher without fixes to the problems listed above, i will be leaving, but for know I truly enjoy the comfort and security of this hotel, I meant apartment haha

I am writing, representing a new tenant to Hightower Apartments. Our experience has been excellent and Hightower is under new management as well recent renovations. The Property Manager and Maintenance Manger are very easy to work with and extremely helpful. Moving from Florida took a lot of communication and coordination and the move-in was seamless. The location and view and security is what appealed to us and all is well after one month!

I went in to high tower with my brother to help him pick an ideal apartment. I was blown away with how friendly the management was, Selma showed us a...

Love the apartments, the view is breath taking, and the management is wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a better place to live.